Questions for further research

These are questions about the human body systems. Get curious. Ponder and ask more questions. You can search the answers online.


Research questions/worksheet

I Circulatory System

1. What is blood?
2. What is blood made of? What are its four parts? What is the form and function of each part?
3. How does blood help your body?
4. What is your heart?
5. What is the heart made of?
6. Draw and label a picture of the heart with the four chambers.
7. What do the atriums do?
8. What do the ventricles do?
9. Which side of the heart is larger, the left or the right? Why?
10. Which are thicker and stronger, veins or arteries? Why? 
11. What are the tubes which carry away blood from the heart called?
12. What are the tubes which carry the blood to your heart called?
13. Which are thicker, veins or arteries? Why?
14. What is the name of the thickest tube which carries blood in the body? Where is it? Why is this the tube with the thickest wall?
15. What are the tiny tubes called where things pass in and out of the blood called?
16. What does the heart do? 
17. What does the circulatory system do?

II. Respiratory System

18. What are the parts of the respiratory system? Draw color and label the respiratory system.
19. What are the lungs filled with?
20. What are the air sacs with all your lungs called?
21. What are the alveoli covered with?
22. What do the capillaries which cover the alveoli do? What passes in and out of the blood at the capillaries which surround the alveoli in the lungs?
23. How does the air get to your lungs?
24. Describe the diaphragm. What is it made of? What does it look like? Where is it located? Which shape is it? What is the microscopic form and function of the diaphragm muscle tissue? 
25. Which gas passes out of the blood of the air sacs? Why?
26. Which gas passes into the blood at the alveolar air sacs? Why?
27. Where does the CO2 go after it passes out of the blood into the air sac? How?
28. Where does the oxygen go after it passes out of the air sac and into the blood on the alveolar capillary? How? Why?

II. Digestive System

29. Describe the stomach. What does it look like? What is in it? What is it lined with? Why?
30. What does the stomach do? How? Why?
31. Describe the small intestines. How long is it?
32. What are the villi? What is the form and function? 
33. How do you the villi help the body to absorb nutrients from food?
34. What two gases make up you're a fart or flatulence?
35. How many farts does a human have daily on the average? Why?
36. Why do some farts smell stronger and worse than other farts?