QUESTIONS ON THE SONG the Heart Knows Just What To Do



Questions on Body Systems song

1)  What does the heart do?

2)  What is the difference between blood going to your lungs and blood coming from your lungs?

3)  What is the function of the lungs?

4)  How does oxygen effect the color of blood?

5)  Does your heart beat while you are sleeping?  Why?

6)  What do the stomach and intestines do?

7)  What passes into the blood at the intestines? Why?

8)  What two things does the blood bring to every cell?  Why?

9)  How does the cell use the nutrients and oxygen?

10)  What leaves the cell?

11)  At the cell, the blood changes from red to________.

12)  Where does the blood leaving the cell go?

13)  Why is the circulatory system called a cycle? 

14)  What are five questions that you would like to know about the human body?