Why do we breath all the time? Why does our heart always beat? What happens to the food we eat?


Explore how and why blood travels through your body.

Model Steps:
1. Right side of heart pumps blue blood to the lungs.
2. At lungs, blood gives out CO2 and takes in oxygen.
3. Red blood flows back from lungs to the right side of heart.
4. Right side of heart pumps red blood to intestines.
5. Nutrients pass into blood at intestines.
6. Blood brings nutrients and oxygen to every cell.
7. Cell takes them in, using the oxygen to break down the nutrient food.
8. After getting the nutrient's stored energy, cell releases CO2 and waste.
9. Blue blood goes back to the right side of the lungs
10. And the beat goes on.

Suggested Links To Get Started:
1. Start with Drawing the body systems here. Pick one of the drawing videos or copy one of the illustrations. Para dibujar en espanol click aquÍ .

2. Listen to, read, and sing along with music videos The Heart Knows Just What To Do here. Check out several versions of the song by the teacher and rappers in our school community. Para el canción en español click aquí.

3. Read and write a story about body systems here.

4. Read and write poems about body systems here.

1. What does the heart do? Why?
2. What does the do lungs do? Why?
3. What does the stomach do? Why?
4. What does the intestines do? Why?
5. What does the circulatory system do? Why?
6. What does the respiratory system do? Why?
7. What does the digestive system do? Why?
8. How do the circulatory, respiratory, and digestive systems works together to serve every cell?

For more questions, click here. Look for pieces that read "questions".