Design Your own Body Systems Illustration

See Directions Below


Suggestions and Directions to design and make your own Body Systems Visual Model

  1. Search for and sketch images online or in science books of: human heart, lungs, intestines, and basic animal cell. Relax, just do it, watch out for your inner critic. 
  2. Look at organ illustrations here. See how the organs are simplified and stylized in different ways. How do you want to draw and personalize the organs? Make several sketch ideas and choose which ones you like best.
  3. Look at illustrations here. Notice how the organs are arranged on the page. The heart is in the middle, the lungs are on the left, the intestines are upper right, and the cell is bottom right. The blue and red tubes connect the organs. How do you want to arrange the pieces in your model? Change the location of the organs.
  4. Draw and color the tubes connecting the parts. Color the tubes red and blue
  5. Read the steps here to make sure your model clearly shows the science. For example, make sure the blue blood runs from the cell to the lungs, and the red blood flows from the lungs to the cell.
  6. Look at background decorations here. You can just leave the background empty, draw animals around the different organs, color the background, or make some landscape. Look at your picture and imagine then draw a background.