Questions for the Body Systems Illustration

Question to answer after draw, cold and label illustration.


 Questions on the Body Systems Illustration

What color is blood from the:
a) heart to lungs?
B) lungs to heart?
C) heart to intestines?
D) intestines to cell?
E) cell to heart?

What part of the body does the cell in the illustration represents?

Where in the body does blood change from:
A) red to blue?
B) blue to red?

Where is the blood blue?
Where is the blood red?

Why is the blood red from the lungs to the cell?
Why is blood blue from the cell to the lungs?
What is a capillary?
Where are capillaries in the illustration?

Which side of the heart is bigger?
Why is the left side of the heart bigger?

What does blood bring to the lungs to release?
Why does blood bring CO2 to the lungs?
Explain how and why the respiratory system brings oxygen into the blood and take CO2 out of the blood.

What enters the blood of the intestines?
Why do nutrients enter the blood of the intestines?
Explain how and why nutrients enter the blood at the intestines. Include stomach acids in the intestinal daily intestinal beauty.

What enters and exits the cell?
What is the waste leaving the cell? Where does it come from?
Why does oxygen enter and CO2 exit the cell?
What happens to oxygen?
Where does the CO2 come from?
Where did nutrients go?
Where the waste come from?
Explain how and why the process of cellular respiration works. Include the creation of a TP and carbohydrates.

For each, describe how it looks and explain what it does
Carbon Dioxide-
Respiratory system-
Circulatory system-
Digestive system-
Basic animal cell-