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Questions on Sound 

1) What is Sound?

2) What is a sound pitch?

3) What is a sound tone?

4) Which will make a lower pitch, a big or small drum? Why?

5) Does a high or low pitch have a longer sound wave? Why?

6) What are 3 ways to change the pitch of a guitar?

7) What is air made of?

8) How does a sound source make the air move?

9) In our sound illustration, what is the difference between the dark and light air?

10) How does the sound get from the sax to the ear?

11) Is there sound on the moon? Explain.

12) What does the outer ear do?

13) What is in the middle ear?

14) What does the middle ear do?

15) What does the inner ear do? How?

16) How is the ear like a microphone?

17) How does the brain, made of nerve cells, receive the sound?

18) How does the brain process and make sense of the sound electric signal?

17) Will everyone respond and react to a sound the same way? Explain.