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Forum Purpose: 
To grow and develop our local and global collaborating Arts Integration community. 
To discuss and share Arts Integration pieces. 
To suggest how one could make the pieces better or different.

Arts Integration means to use the Arts to learn and to teach academic skills and concepts. The Arts help people to learn in different ways. There are many ways to skin a fish. Different strokes for different folks. Certain pieces work best for certain people for reasons predictable and not. We always knew that teaching, learning, and science are all art, but what does this mean?
We define a chapter’s Academic content with a written, numbered outline of the scientific process. All the art pieces in the chapter interpret this model outline. The arts pieces should present the scientific process in a rigorous way. The piece needs to be interactive with the intention/purpose that the user/learner can interact with the arts integration piece in order to master/learn/practice the chapters content skills and concepts. 

Currently there is not a way to upload your work onto thus site. However, if you have your work stored somewhere like YouTube or google drive, then you can post the link and we can post your science arts integration piece.

Any post not following these rules will be removed. The site will remove any members who exhibit a pattern of not following the rules.

Considering that this site has teen and younger users, and how inappropriate comments on YouTube often are, there is a strong need for rules and guidelines. Please flag any offensive or questionable post!

Rule Number One: All words will be respectful and nice. We can be critical and disagree, but our words need to stay respectful and nice. This is not a place to get emotional and vent. NO CURSE WORSE. NO BULLYING. 

Rule Number Two: Keep the discussion focused. Review the forum questions below. Keep comments short and focused on the question. Do not ramble.

Forum Questions
What is the piece a Model of?
What does the piece present about the academic content? 
What is the Learner supposed to do and learn?
What is not presented in the piece? 
What part of the science is presented poorly/wrongly/approximately?
Models show some things well while approximating/misrepresenting some details. 
What is well represented by this piece?
What is approximated or perhaps misrepresented by this piece?
What are your ideas or suggestions to improve this piece either:
To make it better represent and teach the academic content concepts?
To make it creatively better in your opinion, improving the design?