INTRODUCTION TO States of Matter Chapter

What holds the world together? Did you know that lava is liquid rock? At what temperatures does rock melt and boil?


What is matter?
Why do atoms and molecules follow natural laws?

This world is made up of tiny pieces called atoms and molecules.
In this chapter you will explore how and why molecules act in the three states of matter.

Model Steps:

States of Matter for Water
1. Solid Ice:
-distance between molecules: little farther apart than liquid water                                 
-temperature below 32 degrees F                                                                                                                   
-strongest force between molecules                                                                               
-molecules are held in place

2. Liquid Water                                                                                                                               
-distance between molecules: little closer than solid ice.                                                         
-temperature between 32 - 212 degree F                                                                                 
-medium strength force between molecules                                                                           
-molecules squirm around each other

3. Water Vapor                                                                                                                               
-distance between molecules:a lot farther apart than solid or liquid                                                       
-temperature above 212 degree F                                                                                 
-weakest strength force between molecules                                                                         
-molecules float around freely

4  Heating and Cooling                                                                                                                       
-can change a state of matter
-heating speeds up molecules                                                                     
-cooling slows down molecules 

Suggested Links To Get Started:
1. Start with Drawing States of Matter here.
2. Sing along with Matter music videos here.
Check out the matter videos by teacher and rappers from our school community.

Basic questions:
1. What are molecules?
2. Describe water molecules in sold, liquid, and gas.
3. Why and how does heating change water from ice to liquid to gas vapor?
4. Why and how does cooling change water from gas vapor to liquid to ice?
5. Does heating always raise water’s temperature? Explain your answer.