Suggestions for Teachers

If you are a teacher, please consider if this unit is appropriate for your class. As this is an important topic of general concern, this unit is intended for a general public audience and mature teens.

The step-by-step video to sketch, color, and label the greenhouse effect is on the bottom of the illustrations page.  Teacher can practice video outside of class time to lead the sketch on the board while class follows. You don’t have to be a great artist. If students think they can do better than you, let them prove it.

Create your own greenhouse effect illustration
        In your picture, include: sun, sunlight waves, earth, air, Carbon Dioxide,
        rising heat wave, falling heatwave, sources of CO2.

        Many fun design elements to change:

  •         size and location of sun
  •         angle of waves
  •         length of waves (draw sunlight waves shorter than rising heat waves)
  •         color and thickness of waves
  •         source of CO2:

            factories, power plants, deforestation, large scale
            farming, buildings, transportation, trash
              Design on 8-1/2 x 11 inch paper.
              Get feedback from teacher.
        Create large poster, painting, or digital art.
        Scan and share with everyone on our Singing Scientific website.

Writing on illustration (See resources and video on illustrations page)
    The labels have:
        key terms (1-2 words)
        steps (3-4 words)
    Video Pausing Suggestions:
        Before writing labels, pause video.
            Carefully look at the greenhouse effect illustration.
            Write a description of illustration.
            Ask preliminary questions, like what are those curvy lines?
            Label as many key terms as you can, then continue labeling key terms with video.

            Pause video again before labeling steps.

            Try to predict and write the steps to the picture.
            Play and finish video.           

            Define key terms on picture.

            Write the steps into sentences. (click here for differentiated steps)
            Organize sentences into paragraphs.
            Include topic sentence and conclusion sentence.