Song questions

1) What is the message of the introduction?

2) Write the repeating hook:



3) What are the symptoms of climate change shown in the music video? (May have to pause and rewind the video to get them all)






4) What does the following stanza mean?

“Cow farts
Sweet tarts
Bitter hearts
Human arts"


5) What does the song say about CO2?


6) Does the song say humans are preparing? Explain.

7) Why does the song repeatedly say  “humans are mucking it up”?

8) Were greenhouse gases always dangerous for life on earth? Explain.

9) Where did CO2 first come from?


10) What's suddenly wrong with our CO2?


11) What do greenhouse gases do?


12) Is the CO2 in the air today high or low?


13) What is the trouble with today's CO2 levels?