Greenhouse illustration questions
Carefully observe the picture. Relax your eyes and look at the design without trying to make sense of it.

1) Sunlight streams in through earth’s _________________________.
2) Sunlight ________ the surface.
3) The heated surface releases IR, or _________________ ______________________.
4) CO2 in the atmosphere absorbs and re-emits some of the rising __________________ ___________________________.                                  5) The CO2 sends some of the IR back down to the _____________.                                                                                                                                    6) The returning IR heats the globe and changes the ______________.                                                                                                                                       

7)) What happens to the sunlight when it hits the surface of the earth?

8)) Why does the heated surface release Infrared Radiation?

9) What does the CO2 do to some of the rising IR?

10) Explain how human CO2 in the atmosphere heats up the globe and changes climate.



Further Questions:

11) How does the sunlight heat the surface?

12) Where are two places the heat from the sunlight goes?

13) What percentage of the heat from the sunlight is lost to IR?

14) What percentage of the sunlight goes into the ground?

15) Why does the sunlight wave get less curvy (lower frequency/longer wavelength) when it bounces off the earth?

16) How do greenhouse gases send some of the rising IR back down to Earth?

17) Why, if greenhouse gases like methane reflect more heat per molecule than CO2, is CO2 the most important greenhouse gas?


18) The rising infrared radiation passes right through Nitrogen and Oxygen gases. Nitrogen gas makes up 78% of the air, and Oxygen, 21%. Why don’t they send back down some of the rising IR?

19) How does CO2 in the air cause global warming and climate change?

Freestyle questions
20) Where does the sun get its energy from?

21) How long does it take a photon of light to get from the center of the sun to the surface of the sun? Why?

22) How long does it take the sunlight to get from the sun to the earth?

23) Does the Earth’s atmosphere affect the entering sunlight? Explain.

24) Percent in atmosphere:
Water 0-9%
CO2 ∼0.0400%
If CO2 is such a small amount, why are people making a big fuss about it?

25) List the top five ways that humans release CO2 into the atmosphere.