Third day
in the thick toxic smoke

thick toxic smoke
choking the bay
for the third day today

went to Livermore
driving an hour but still didn’t
get out of the smoke

Is Trump haliberal Bay People
are getting choked out
what beautiful irony

serves them right
mother nature attacking the stupid people
supposedly trying to protect her, right?

Don’t think I’m trying to paint
a righteous me and a hideous you
with this song
no that’s not what i’m trying to do

in the toxic smoke today
the purple air ran cold
below 62
the cell phone told
so I flipped
on the heat
central natural gas
which for convenience
is a real blast

The furnace fires up
under the house
fossil fuels burn
abundantly through all of our lives
zero emissions electric car
but I plug it in
live off the grid?
But is that a fire I smell?
In the US last year
SUV’s and trucks dominated
the market
Let’s be clear
it’s not red or blue
right or left
environment is everyone’s song
in this moment
everybody’s in
stand who doesn’t use CO2
that’s what I thought
but we’re not through

Transportation food
heating the home
fossil fuels keep
running us down

run though our lives
keep it in the ground
we can do to
together we can
let’s wake up
it’s the time
the moment’s at hand
here and now
nothing to fear
it’s not a war
it’s the end of war
it’s not destruction
it’s earth’s new life

not by force
but by choice
time for humanity
to wake up tonight
keep it in the ground today
keep it in-in-in-in
the gr-gr-ground
i-i-i-i-in the
keep it in the ground
that’s right
keep this in the ground
get it tight
(heavy base and drum