Singing Scientific Grant Description



     An experienced team of multimedia artists and educators will facilitate two student STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) projects at Alternatives In Action High School in Oakland, California. Project topics are one, Climate Change, and two, the Spectrum Analysis of Student-Made Musical Instruments. The team will also collaborate to produce their own science arts integration unit on Climate Change.
     Student and professional work will be posted online. Work includes interactive science illustrations, songs, music videos, stories, poetry, creative power points, worksheets, and assessments. Students, teachers, and the general public will be encouraged to interact with the materials, discussing and adding to the work, creating a platform for understanding and action.

     Our climate change project is part of an interactive movement for scientific literacy on global warming. Through individual and collective will, we have the ability to level off greenhouse gas emissions, perhaps avoiding a more than 2° Celsius rise in average global temperature. As evidenced by steadily climbing emissions, individual and collective action is not focused on global warming. Many people are confused about the basic science. A popular, creative educational campaign will help.  

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