Questions for Illustrated Text

1) How does the video introduce the topic before part I?

I. Symptoms (0:55)
2) What are the 10 symptoms of climate change presented in the video?

3) What percent of plant and animal species are predicted to be extinct due to human activity by 2050?

4) What fraction of the CO2 humans put into the air goes into the ocean?

5) In the ocean, the CO2 turns into ____________ acid.

6) What living things are killed by the carbonic acid in the ocean?

7) What happens to the dying coral?

8) What are plankton?

9) How many plankton are there in the seas?

10) What are two reasons why plaintiff are important?

11) Who eats plankton?

12) How does the carbonic acid kill the plankton?

13) How long have scientists worldwide studied global warming?

Part II. Science (3:25)
14) What happened to sunlight when it hits Earth's surface? What does it turn into?

15) What happens to most of the heat?

16) What happens to some of the heat? Why?

17) What does the rising infrared radiation do to the CO2 molecules in the air?

18) What does the CO2 do to the rising infrared radiation?

19) Why does CO2 in the air warm the globe?

20) How much of the air is nitrogen and oxygen gas?

21) Why don't nitrogen or oxygen gases sent the rising heat back down to earth?

22) Do nitrogen and oxygen gas add to the greenhouse effect? Explain.

23) What are the four main greenhouse gases?

24) Which is by far the most important greenhouse gas? Why?

Part III. Carbon Dioxide (5:20)
25) Where did CO2 come from in the early Earth, half billion years ago?

26) How was CO2 from early volcanoes essential for life?

27) How do our current levels of CO2 and global temperature compared to the CO2 and global temperatures over Earth's history?

28) How long ago did the current Ice Age began?

29) How have the last 15,000 years been very different that the last 2,600,000 years?

30) What are 2 opinions of those who are not worried by climate change?

31) What are humans doing wrong?

32) Which human activities admit the most CO2 into the air?

33) What are the 3 types of fossil fuels?

34) Where does coal come from?

35) Where do oil and gas comes?

36) In 100 years, humans have burned most of the fuel which took plants hundreds of millions of years to take from the air. True or False.

37) What percent has CO2 risen in the air in the last hundred years?

38) CO2 went from _________ to _________ parts per million in the last hundred years.

39) 6 feet + 42% of 6 feet = _______ feet.

40) How is CO2 like salt?

41) Why does life on earth need CO2 in the atmosphere?

42) Why is our putting CO2 into the air so important and dangerous?

43) What percent of scientists worldwide are very concerned about global warming and climate change?

Part IV: Evidence

44) How do scientists know that CO2 and climate are closely connected?

45) How long is the scientific record showing CO2 in the atmosphere? (Actually 800,000 now)

46) What does the famous “hockey stick” graph show?

47) How is the NASA data a little different?

48) What is paleoclimatology?

49) What are 6 things scientists study to understand the history of climate?

50) What do the black, blue, and red lines represent on the famous graph at 12:15?

51) At 13:00, why does the predicted red line match the measured black line?

52) At 13:15, the graph makes a strong case that _____________________________

53) What is an atom or molecule’s unique signature?

54) Do scientists find CO2 resonance frequencies in the infrared radiation returning to Earth? So what?

Part V. Conclusion (14:12)

55) What are 3 types of alternative energy?

56) What are your favorite four solutions to climate change?

57) What do you do to help stop global warming?