Directions to color and label Greenhouse Effect Illustration


Use color pencils. Pay attention to direction and length of pencil marks. Experiment with mixing colors. “Side” means to color lightly using the side of a pencil lead, not the point.

Sun-Yellow, mix in red and orange
Arrow for Sunlight-Black
Rising IR (infrared radiation)-light red
Arrow for rising IR-Black
Returning IR-light red
Arrow for returning IR-Black
earth-brown and green
water-blue and green
factory-grey, silver, brown, black
rising smoke-side of pencils
air-side light blue
top-dark space with twinkling yellow stars


Write the following term and steps on your paper.
sunlight (↓)
IR (Infrared Radiation) (↑)
IR (Infrared Radiation) (↓)
Carbon Dioxide

1) sunlight in
2) light heats ground
3) heated ground releases IR
4) CO2 absorbs and re-emits some of rising IR                                                                                                                                                                         5) CO2 sends some IR back down
6) returning IR warms globe and changes climate