We drove down to
LA yesterday

“Moving into
Los Angeles”

This time
to breathe
L A's fresh air!
Without a care!
blowing through
our hair!

California’s going purple
but will we

People starting
to wake up
all over the world
it’s our unique time

humanity’s kumbaya moment
our first common cause
oh look,
isn’t that sweet

isn't that precious?
(put your own
adjective here)

Humanity is growing up
pull the pacifier from its mouth
I don't think it'll scream and cry this time
they been fighting each other
like apes for all these last 200,000 years,

and it's been great,
look how far they've come,
but now it's time
to use that noggin
with body and heart

you can feel it
can you smell it
in the air tonight

it's our collective
wake up call

the first
in many to come
I'm afraid

“I live my life
like a canary
in a coal mine
in a coal mine”

we can do it
we have what it takes
just leave it
in the ground
for heaven’s sake

That's what we've found
logical true course
leave it in the ground
because it's so toxic
of course!

A realization true
mild and sound
leave it in the ground
is what everyone's found

Scientists observers
farmers Republicans
everyone is seeing
the mess we're in

No small thing
smoke covering everything
here's the thing
we're all in it

let's not forget
Cali's getting choked
no joke
Let's point a finger
oh no–
3 fingers point back

at me
how dare they!

Oh yeah
I forgot
I've been using fossil fuels
like nobody's fool

Car computer cell phone air conditioner
without even getting into
food, trips, hot water, heating the home, car air conditioner
bus train
factory produced goods

it’s the modern life
the modern life
the modern life
we all live

Just a simple thing
we can all get through it
nothing much to it
Jesus said love thy neighbor today

Nothing much to say
together we can
our moment's at hand
not to hate
point fingers
deny what we're doing
no use suing
Sue who?

Your own image
in the mirror
time to wake up
humanity's Kumbaya moments

Fire and storm
wind and rain
rising sea levels

Global warming
climate change
don't get me started

Purple skies
and death threats
doesn't really quite feel
like our kumbaya moment yet

But it is–
right here, right now!
Do you hear it?
Do you smell it?

It's coming around the corner
like a pus–building zit
Apply the little right pressure
–that's it!

Healing splatter
what does it matter
the time's at hand
to adjust the platter

We can do it
nothing much to it
just keep it
in the ground y'all

Consider our children
consider us all

It's not confusion and yes
humans are creating climate change
by spiking the CO2 in the atmosphere

There's no confusion
the doubt's not real
of course that's
not only how I feel

All over the world
all over the USA
just this year
all sides
say a unified vision
imagine that

(Lennon imagine sample
“imagine all the people
living for today 00000”)

Suddenly environmental
is a top concern

People show us how
help us to learn

How you will
address this need

Before it's too late
without us having

Scientists’ urgent warning
anguished cry

Where was the cry?

Why was it not heeded?

Do it now!
Do it now!
Do it now!
Keep it in the ground!
Keep it in the ground!
Keep it in the ground!

people starting up all over the world
it's argued the time humanities by not