(in english and spanish)

Cali Smokin’
Smoke Takes Over California
Climate Change Symptoms:
Fires Throughout State:

Instead of yellow
it's brown and orange
out today
a toxic cocktail
in the smoke
from a fire
which consumed
Paradise a few
days ago

People had
minutes to get out
or die in the blaze

The ashes are
here now
the bay

“How long must they
kill our prophets
while we stand aside
and look..."

Sign of the times
you want to wait
till there's no turning back?
I apparently do

Sign of the times
we're passing through
times when there's
much to do

we'll kill ourselves
for not acting now
shoot ourselves
in the head
for our inactivity now
Some tout Jerry Brown
and California's cap and trade
as progressive bold movements
in the right direction

(Compared to Trump
and the current federal administration
Brown is progressive and courageous

compared to the
keep it in the ground
logical people
Brown is far to the right
allowing fossil fuel companies
to expand throughout California)

But we drive our cars
and heat our homes
and plug in our computers
and cell phones

Only the native Americans
seem to have it right
right now
right now
right now

Keep it in the ground
in the ground
in the ground

la tierra
la madre
la fuente
al dentro
de veras
el poder
el mensaje
el oido
nuestro cuerpo
nuestra realidad
aqui y hoy
siempre y ahorita
en este momento

hola (mis companeros)
el tiempo para actuar
es ahorita
Que podemos hacer?
Que necesitamos hacer?
Eso es una emergencia

escucha escucha
estamos en la lucha

es lo unico tiempo/oportunidad
en la historia humano
cuando necesitamos
trabajar y colaborar
juntos para sobrevivir
juntos todos los humanos

Podemos hacer esto
pero necisitamos cambiar mucho
y hacerlo ahorita

en este momento
si se puede